How many arthritis symptoms in dogs?

Arthritis in dogs is born from inflammation of a joint. It’s common in every creature with bones which is causing in bone’s meeting point and when a creature with bones gets older, thin layer of cartilage becomes damaged, lubrication and cushioning level decreases, bone gives pain in every move. Most common arthritis problem of dogs is on the legs. Dogs with arthritis become sore and stiff. It’s very important to understand arthritis symptoms on dogs. There are various arthritis types and a wound or obesity may cause it. How many arthritis symptoms in dogs?

First of all, a dog owner must be aware about reasons and types of dog arthritis. Osteoarthritis’s main reason is the damage on cartilages. This type of arthritis may start in any joint. Obesity is also a cause of osteoarthritis. Young dogs may also suffer from osteoarthritis if they are overweight. Also hip dysplasia is a type of osteoarthritis which is seen on dogs born with a joint abnormality.
Infectious arthritis can be seen on any age of dogs. It can also be seen on any joint because main cause of infectious arthritis is an infectious wound. It causes high pain and dog barks continuously. Especially deep wounds are tend of create infectious arthritis.

Also infectious arthritis in dogs may cause from an inside problem like a bad teeth, urinary viruses and similar. When reason is an inside infection, blood may carry viruses to all joints quickly and dog may start to lose weight and seem very tired.
Sometimes dog’s immune system may be the reason of arthritis.
Dog’s immune system works very well and creates a strong defense for the body. But sometimes they cause harm than protection. Some arthritis which are starting by little infection trigger’s antibody production in dog joints and they become higher than requirement so they start to harm cartilage and harm bones. Dogs with such arthritis types feel pain and also they get fever, loss appetite and show lethargy.
Main symptom of dog arthritis is limping. It starts in one leg and may continue on others. Dogs may hide their limp situation and it’s very hard to notice it in young dogs. If arthritis is causing by infection, the lymph nodes start to enlarge. Dogs with arthritis don’t want to walk; they mostly sleep in their doghouse. They can swim but if arthritis damaged cartilage totally, they need help while swimming.

Best treatment way of dog arthritis is to prevent it. Buying a young dog or puppy but caring her very less, only feeding her without playing or walking will cause obesity. Obesity is the main cause of arthritis. Also wounds may get infection and bacteria can easily reach cartilage. Early treatment with suitable antibiotic can save dog from infectious arthritis easily.
Monthly or yearly checkups are very important. Also a dog owner must take a checkup for its dog because dogs may have hip dysplasia or elbow dysplasia which will cause arthritis.
There are lots of treatment ways if the dog has arthritis. But most common way is a strict diet if dog is overweight. Also some blood tests may show information about different arthritis types.
Some doctors are using glucosamine/chondroitin sulfate supplement for dog arthritis today. It is important to reduce inflammation and paid. Also a dog owner may try natural treatment ways if medical or other ways are useless but using massage or acupuncture ways on a dog with arthritis is very hard and needs professionals.
When none of the treatments are successful, doctors use arthrodesis which means removing the cartilage on the end of the bone and placing bone graft to there. Joint doesn’t move again but pain stops. Dog can use its leg.

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