How many years Junior Seau played for San Diego Chargers?

Junior Seau is one of the most important players on NFL history. San Diego Chargers drafted him in legendary 1990 draft and he became a famous player on a short period. He played for San Diego Chargers and then New England Patriots, Miami Dolphins. He’s on the Chargers Hall of Fame now. How many years Junior Seau played for San Diego Chargers?

Junior Seau was born in American Samoa. He was firstly played basketball and then he chose football. After a good college career, San Diego Chargers drafted him. He became one of the greatest players of Chargers in a short period and fans called him as “Tasmanian Devil”.

He made a big achievement with 155 tackles in a season and played a key role in 1994 championship of San Diego Chargers. 16 tackles of him in 1994 AFC Championship Game was an unforgettable moment. Then he started to miss matches because of ankle injury.

In 1993, a trade between San Diego Chargers and Miami Dolphins happened. Seau went to Miami Dolphins and it was breaking news for all channels.

There were lots of critics about this trade. In his first season in Miami Dolphins he made 133 tackles and it was a good answer to San Diego Chargers. On the other years he had lots of different injuries and Dolphins released him on 2006. He then made his first retirement.

Four days after retirement meeting, he signed to New England Patriots. He started the season great but he broke his right arm. Junior Seau found dead in 2012.

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