How many types of skin are there?

A healthy and good skin is both the key of beauty and an important part of body protection. It includes nerve ends that help to feel sensation. Skin also has duties on heat regulation, evaporation control, synthesis and storage, absorption process and water resistance. A good skin needs daily care. Also understanding the type of skin is very important. While some people are use all benefit of cleansers, some can’t take any benefit from them. Main reason of this problem is skin type. It’s not possible to reach the perfect skin but you can get it healthier with understanding its type and caring ways. How many types of skin are there?

There are 5 main skin types in the world. They are normal, dry, oily, combination and sensitive. Normal skin type is very rare. It’s mainly not too dry or not oily. This type of skin has a good balance of oil and moisture. Also it has a good elasticity. The pores on skins are mostly not visible and they are smallest ever even they are visible. Skin has its own tone and it’s possible to notice it easily.
Dry skin type is one of the most common skin types in the world. Main feature of dry skin is moisture. Moisture level on this type of skin never goes balanced and it causes wrinkles easily. Also especially women with dry skin show fine lines. If dry level of skin is higher than standard, because of low oil, skin gets fragile and flaky. Protective barrier level also falls down and skin reduces the level of protective barrier act. When skin gets dry, pollution, extreme weather conditions and UV radiation starts to affect it worse. Small pores are main characteristics of dry skin.

Oily skin is not totally problematic because it seems shiny and healthy but especially in adolescence age, oil is the main cause of blackheads and pimples. Skin looks very shiny and plump because of dead cells. Oily skin can not shed dead cells fast enough.
Some people have both oily and dry areas on their skin
. They are in combination category. This type of skin has oily areas in chin, forehead and nose. Also it’s possible to see dry areas around eyes. It’s the hardest skin type to manage. People with this skin type must use special products. Especially women have mix skin type.
Sensitive skin type became common after 20th century because of pollution, radiation and climate changes. This type of skin is tend to irritate. So it’s possible to find redness on their skin mostly.

Today there are millions of skin products by choosing the right product is not hard. Most important thing while choosing a skin product is the active substance in it. If you can find the most effective active substance for your skin, you can also find cheap but effective products.
It’s very dangerous to use not approved skin products for sensitive skins. This skin type is very easy to harm and very hard to recover. Today especially face skin’s recovery is very hard. There are lots of products and some surgery ways but they are not offering the definite solution.
Skin type also may change with some products but it’s not healthy. Every human body has its own and unique setting. So changing it with drugs or surgery may start problematic situations.
People with problematic skin types may also try natural ways for pimple treatment. Some fruits are very good for skin type treatment but it’s important to use them limited because sometimes they can create bad side effects.

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