How many movies are there in the Back to the Future series?

Back to the Future series is one of the most popular movie series in the history. Series is a perfect combination of adventure, science fiction and comedy. All movies in series is directed by Robert Zemeckis. He also wrote the movies with Bob Gale. Producer of series is Steven Spielberg. Michael J. Fox, Lea Thompson and Christopher Lloyd starred in series. Story is mainly about Marty McFly and his travels in time. His life changes when he meet scientist Dr. Emmett “Doc” Brown. How many movies are there in the Back to the Future series?

There are three movies in Back to the Future series. First movie “Back to the Future” is released in 1985. Movie won Best Sound Editing Academy Award. Story is mainly about Marty McFly and his travel in time. Eric Stoltz firstly tried in Marty McFly role because Michael J. Fox had a role in Family Ties. But after first scenes, Stoltz said that it’s miscast and Michael J. Fox came to cast. Movie took great critical and commercial response in 1985. It won $383 million worldwide. The car “DeLorean DMC-12” used in movie became a popular culture icon.

Back to the Future Part II is released in 1989. It’s again directed by Robert Zemeckis but only Bob Gale wrote the story. Story of second movie is mainly about Marty McFly’s effort to fix the future and his travel to 2015. Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd and Lea Thompson starred in movie. Also it was Elijah Wood’s first appearance in cinema. Movie made a great commercial success like its predecessor. It became the sixth most successful grossed movie of year with $332 million worldwide but movie couldn’t take critical success. Authorities criticized the script and effects. After critics, Director Robert Zemeckis revealed that no one planned a sequel but high box office gross moved them to a sequel. Also lots of actors and actresses took role in first movie requested high salaries and producer Steven Spielberg gave role to new faces.
Also movie created lots of controversies. Especially flying skateboards which is known as hoverboards became popular and people started to ask about them. Robert Zemeckis said that they are real but they are not revealing to public because of security reasons. It was mainly a humorous talk about movie but it became a city legend and people went to toy stores to buy a hoverboard. At last Thomas F. Wilson said that hoverboards are connected with invisible wires. 25th Anniversary Blu-ray Disc of movie is released in 2010.

Back to the Future Part III is the last sequel of series and it is released in 1990. Movie is directed by Robert Zemeckis. Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd and Lea Thompson starred again in this last movie. Main story is MartMcFly’s discover about Dr. Emmett “Doc” Brown and his travel to past. Writers asked Michael J. Fox for his idea about last movie and he said that he always wanted to go Wild West.
Movie made commercial and critical success. Newspapers gave 4 stars of 5. It made $244,527,583 worldwide gross.
Back to the Future 3 finished with “to be continued” but it never continued because all actors and actresses got older. Various books, videos games and comic books are released of series and series became a popular culture icon. DeLorean became the symbol of movie and its used on all VHS, DVD and Blu Ray releases as cover picture. Movies totally made $416,787,347 in America&Canada and $540,800,000 in foreign theatres and totally earned $957,587,347 with total $99,000,000 budget.

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