How Many Medicine Companies Are There in US?

What the medicine is and its historical background.


Who did prepare the first medicine? How people were treated thousands years ago? How the medicines were produced and which materials were used when producing medicine thousands of years ago? How did the medicine industry developed from ancient times to our modern era? In this work we are going to analyze all of these questions according to the results of the researches. As we know, the roots of the medicine are based upon folk remedies and it can be said that it is based upon shamanism. In ancient times, there were lots of different plants and by boiling these plants with the water they were used as remedies to the ill people or who had problems with their health. People who know about these plants most generally were the leaders of that tribe we can say the shamans of the tribe and women who were named as witch

with the Christianity.old-medicine-bottles

These people were applying these plants with the knowledge that come from their families. The first register about the medicine is based on old Sumerians and as a date it can be based upon B.C 3000, when we think from general point we can say that medicine has a long history above 6000 years. Its real name was written to a tablet that is 16cm length and 9,5cm width by a doctor but the doctor’s name was unknown.medicine_pills

Pharmacy: Magic Medicine

There are lots of papyruses and in these papyruses there are lots of medicine descriptions and we can base today’s medicines in those medicines. In one of the most popular of these papyruses is Edwin Smith’s (B.C 1600) there are lots of information and knowledge about diagnostics, prognostics, and anatomy. We can say that maybe this is one of the most important medicines in history.

How Many Medicine Companies Are There in US?

Our main topic is the number of the medicine companies that are in US. When we look at the researchers that are done recently, we can say that there are about 159 medicine companies in US. It can be said that the medicine industry in US is the biggest medicine industry in the world. In world market American medicine producers have a great share. With the developments not only in technology but also in other areas the medicines can be available everywhere and people can reach them more easily when it is compared with the ancient times, and again with the help of the developments in technology they can keep room temperature for long times. Again when we look at the medicine companies in US, we can see that the biggest medicine company is “Pfizer” It was founded in Brooklyn in New York, USA in the year of 1849. It was founded by two cousins whose name was Charles Pfizer and Charles Erhart. Now their centers are in New York and the company is continuing its availability in world market. When we look at the developments in the field of medicine, we can say that in future this industry will be developed to much extend and will help people in their treatments even the treatments that is impossible today.placebo

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