How many prayers are there a Catholic child should know?

Catholic Christians give a high importance to prayers. It’s a common problem that parents are not patient to teach children prayers and they want it too fast. First Communion comes quickly and it’s a nightmare if a catholic child is not ready for prayers. Children find learning some prayers like Guardian Angel Prayer and Grace Before and After Meals very easy by listening every day but there are also some prayers also children find hard to learn. How many prayers are there a Catholic child should know?

One of the most important prayers for Catholic Christians is “The Sign of the Cross.” It’s a habit for all Catholics to sing it before and after all prayers; many of them don’t realize that “The Sign of the Cross” is also a prayer. It’s not hard for children to learn this prayer but they mostly make common faults like forgetting to reverence, using left hand and touching right shoulder first.
“The Our Father” is also an important prayer for Catholics. Jesus Christ taught to it his disciples. It’s written in Matthew 6:9-13. Priests suggest to parents that it’s easy to teach “The Our Father” to children when it’s used as morning or evening prayer. It’s short and melodic. Children like the prayer but it’s common to misunderstand and mispronunciation it. Most common fault by singing the prayer is “Howard be thy name.”

Catholic parents give importance to “The Hail Mary” prayer because it’s an easy prayer for children and it’s an introduction for Marian prayers. After children learned “The Hail Mary” they can start to learn “Rosary.” Easiest way to teach children the prayer is saying the first part and waiting the second part from child. Children will be cheerful to say parent’s parts like “the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.”
“The Glory Be” can be taught when child learned “Sign of the Cross.” It’s one of the earliest prayers for Trinity and a very simple prayer to learn. Prayer needs extra practice because children mostly forget which hand she will use first and which shoulder she will touch. Some Catholic Churches also makes “Sign of the Cross” while saying prayer.
“An Act of Faith” is one of the most common morning prayers ever. Catholics use short version of prayer as “My God, I believe in you” but children should learn long version also. Catholic parent teach the long version of prayer and memorizing of them is very easy.

Catholics use “An Act of Hope” prayer before hard times and tests. A school-aged child should learn “An Act of Hope.” It teaches children Catholics’ trust in God’s mercy. Children like to say it when they feel discouraged and need help from God.
“An Act of Charity” is an important prayer especially for school children. It’s true that people are ruthless and they can hurt someone without any problem. It’s a common feel to take revenge from them but this prayer teaches the forgiveness and loving all people whatever they do.
“The Act of Contrition” is also an important prayer children should know for “Sacrament of Confession.” Catholic traditional use this prayer as an evening prayer before sleep. When a child made his or her first confession, he must make an examination of conscience quickly and then say “The Act of Contrition.”
“Grace Before Meals” is a good way to teach children the truth about everything comes from God. Parents must teach them as a routine event of day.
“The Guardian Angel” prayer is the prayer for “Guardian angel.” Encouraging children to say is a must for Catholics.

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