How Many Moons Does Saturn Have?

Saturn is one of the largest planets of solar system. Planet is full of gas notably radius. It has rings over planet that is created by rocky debris, dust and ice. Saturn has also moons on its orbit. How Many Moons Does Saturn Have?

Saturn has official and unofficial moons on its orbit. Some of them are official because they have a big effect on Saturn. But some of them are unofficial because they are too small and some scientists don’t count them as a moon.

Saturn now has totally 60 moons. But 52 of them are official. It’s because of new discoveries. Different space stations are discovering the moons but they are too small or not seen all times of year.

Saturn moons are not the biggest ones in solar system. Also there are lots of small ones like 2 km acres or less. Saturn has also one of the biggest solar system moons as Titan.

Saturn’s closest moon is Pan. It has 134.000 KMs above the planet and some scientists believe a big meteor may bury it into Saturn.

Mimas is the largest inner moon of Saturn. It’s above the planet as 185,000 km and scientists say Mimas is a good point for space history researches.

Then Enceladus, Tethys, Dione and Rhea comes over. Lapetus is most far moon of Saturn as 3.56 million km. There’s an orbit of planet called Saturn’s F-Ring but it’s very hard to discover moons on it by telescopes.

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