How many ways to talk about drugs with your children?

Drug usage is one of the biggest problems in social life. Many people are using various drugs every day even they need it really or not. Many children are confused about situation because houses are full of drugs, parents are using them every day but it’s prohibited for children. Many children are very curious about drugs but it can be mortal to try a little drug for them. Also all advertisements, TVs and radios are airing drug ads every moment and it’s making children more confused than ever. How many ways to talk about drugs with your children?

Most important thing when you decided to talk about drugs with your children is listening first. You must learn how your children are looking about drugs and how she feels. National studies showed that starting age for alcohol is 11 and marijuana is 12 only now. Nearly all children are trying them.
Talking about the drugs like marijuana before they invented it with friends is also important. Today it’s possible to see marijuana and many other drugs in the TV shows and children are curious about it. If the topic is Marijuana when you are watching TV together, ask her before she asks you about it. You can say “Do you know what marijuana is?” Listen to her answer carefully and say “It’s a bad drug that can hurt your body.” Wait your children to ask more questions and if she doesn’t ask, encourage her to ask about it. Answer all her questions with brief but explaining answers. If your children are over 12, you can talk detailed about crack, marijuana and other drugs and you can tell them about their street names. It’s safer to talk about them first before they heard them in a party.

Children are copies of their parents. So be careful and don’t start drinking beer when you stepped into house. It’s a quiet message to your children that drinking is a normal thing in life. You can also offer non-alcoholic beverages to your guests at home and drink without being drunk in front of your children.
Saying no is a social ability everybody must have but it’s one of the biggest problems in social life. You must practice to give the ability to say no for your children. Every child comes to the scene that friends smoke marijuana but it’s mostly too early for them.
Seeking for help when you see a problem about drug usage on your children is also very important. There are many centers and support groups for it. Even your children tried it for once, it doesn’t mean he will be an addicted or die so don’t behave in panic or anger. But it’s true that school is boring for many children and some events can feel them enjoying than school. When children started doing poorly in school, have glassy eyes and losing weight, they are signs of a problem on drugs.
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You must notice that when your children get into an environment with drugs, she will remember what you say first. You must say her truth about drugs because when she sees that you lied, it will take her to drugs more. Also even if you used drugs in school life or then, never accept your friend’s talk about it in front of your children. It’s vital because children believe to their parents and their experiences.
Ask him every day what she did in school or with her friends. Maybe she’s bored about answering this question but you must be insisting to ask every day and your children must know they can’t hide problems forever.

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