How Many models of VW Beetle are there?

When we look at the world’s history there are lots of things that become symbol of some things or there are lots of things that are so popular. Even if the lots of years passes that things’ popularity don’t change any more but on the other hand the popularity of them becomes more and more widespread. In this direction we see lots of symbols or things that are very popular. These things sometimes must be a song, singer, and tool and on the other hand that can be a car. 557585_560060050686832_165743755_n


On this point VW Beetle is one of the most popular cars along the world’s history. From the beginning of its production its popularity has been increasing too much extends and in future it will be one of the most popular classic cars in the world. Now, let’s look at the history of the VW Beetle. VW Beetle is also called Volkswagen Type 1 and it is produced by Germany car manufacturer Volkswagen between the years of 1938 and 2003 and when we look at the selling of the VW Beetle we see that it is the most selling car model with its up to 21,5 million selling in the world up to now and the exact number is 21.529.464. When the car first produced in the year of 1938 its design is made by Ferdinant Porsche and it is the Adolf Hitler who financed it. The car is produced in the Germany up to the year of 1974 and after this year its production is continued in the countries of Brazil and Mexico up the end of the year of 2003. After the year of 2003 its production is finished and instead of producing VW Beetle the factory decides to produce VW Golf. Because of the design of the VW Beetle a lot of people are choosing this car and from the history there are people who are the affected by the car and they are spending lots of their moneys to their cars in order to make their VW Beetles much more beautiful. There are lots of models of VW Beetle, now let’s look at the models of it.



The Number of Models of VW Beetle.

Because of its design it is the most manufactured car in the world history and its production is continued for long years and on the other hand VW Beetle has lots of different models. Totally there are 25 models of VW Beetle and each of them is different from each other from the point of engines or other features of them. For example for the people who like to travel in summer days it has Cabriolet model on the other hand for the people who are travelling much more than other people there is a model that its engine is smaller than others. When we look at the modern world, there are lots of VW Beetle along the whole world and there are lots of people who are making an effort for them.


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