How Many Different Applications Are There in Apple Store Market?

Do you like the follow the technology? How often do you play the games in your smart phone or in your tablet PC? Do you have any information about the different applications that are on the market in the world? Are you curious about the games? Recently, in the whole world, the tablet personal computers and the smart phones are taking too much place in our world because of high popularity of them. In a short way, when we think about the development of the this industry, we can base that developments to the technology. Fifty or much more years ago, there are first computers that people use in their works and when we look at the size of them we can see that they are very huge and it is impossible for the people to carry them but when we compare the today’s computer technology and fifty years ago, it is clear that there is a big gap between two generations. gallery-3

Today it is no longer that people can carry their computers with them and on the other hand it Is possible to see that people can use even their mobile phones as their personal computers. When we think about these developments especially in last ten years, it is possible to see for us that there are lots of concrete innovations at this field. There are lots of different companies today that are producing the smart phones an tablet PC. The reason of why the people are using these kind of the technologies are that they can do whatever they want that they can do with their computers and because of their being portative and easy using people are using them. In the world market there are lots of different companies, in spite of the fact that their being too much, there are just a few companies that are preferred by the most of the people. The names of these companies are the Apple, Samsung, and Sony and on the other hand it is possible to see that there are lots of other companies. People are preferring these ones because of the their high qualities in their products and they are very popular all around the whole world. Today we are going to make a short analysis about the Apple Store of the company of Apple and the number of the different applications in that store.


The Number of the Different Applications that are Available in Apple Store


Today in the whole world, each day millions of the people are getting applications for their Smartphone and Tablet PC and in order to get them there are lots of different internet sites but basically the Apple users are using the platform of Apple Store and there are lots of different applications in there. When we look at the number of the applications we can see that table, that are seen in currently:

ctober 2013 – 1,000,000 (475,000 native to iPad)

June 2013 – 900,000 (375,000 native to iPad)

Jan. 2013 – 775,000 (300,000 native to iPad)

Sept. 2012 – 700,000 (250,000 native to iPad)

June 2012 – 650,000 (225,000 native to iPad)

April 2012 – 600,000 (200,000 native to iPad

Oct. 2011 – 500,000 (140,000 native to iPad)

July 2011 – 100,000 native to iPad

June 2011 – 425,000 (90,000 native to iPad)

March 2011 – 350,000 (65,000 native to iPad)

Nov. 2010 – 400,000 (40,000 native to iPad)

Sept. 2010 – 250,000 (25,000 native to iPad)

June 2010 – 225,000 (8,500 native to iPad)

May 2010 – 200,000 (5,000 native to iPad)

April 2010 – 185,000

Jan. 2010 – 140,000

Nov. 2009 – 100,000

Sept. 2009 – 85,000

July 2009 – 65,000

June 2009 – 50,000

April 2009 – 35,000

March 2009 – 25,000

Sept. 2008 – 3,000

July 2008 – 800


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