How many calories cola types have?

Cola is one of the most famous beverages all over the world. There are two famous brands worldwide as Coca Cola and Pepsi. There are also localized names of brands like Future Cola of China and Cuba Cola in Sweden. Cola has been criticized all times because of hidden recipe and causing obesity. How many calories cola has?

Coca Cola 330ml can is one of the most consuming cola type. It has 139 calories in one can and it’s 7 per cent of what you need on a day.

Coca Cola bottle 591 ml is the other most selling size of company. This glass bottle has 240 calories in one but size of bottle is different on different countries.

There’s also low-calorie version of Coca Cola like Diet Coca Cola and Coca Cola Zero. Coca Cola Zero contains only 0.75 calories per liter and Diet Coca Cola has 1.3 calories in a can but aspartame and other sweeteners like high fructose corn syrup used in these versions has lots of controversy.

Pepsi is the rivalry of Coca Cola. This brand also has lots of diet and sugar free products. Main product of Pepsi as Pepsi 330ml can contains 138 calories. There are two versions of Pepsi glass bottle. 20 oz version contains 250 calories; 16 oz version contains 200 calories.

There are also diet products of Pepsi like Pepsi Diet and Pepsi Max. They have 0 calories at all. But like Coca Cola, usage of high fructose corn syrup and aspartame as sweeteners in them have big controversy.

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