How Many Countries are there in Central Treaty Organization (CENTO)?

What do you think about the peace of the world? What can do the different countries in order to provide the permanent peace all around the world? Do you have any suggestion about this situation? From the beginning of the history, people have been fighting to each other and it seems that because of the different needs of the people such as earth and water this situation will be continued in the future. But in order to prevent the wars, people have been taking some kind of the precautions. At that point, one of the most effective ways of the preventing the people from the wars are the pacts and organizations and it is possible to see that in history there are lots of the different pacts and organizations that are commit by the people and countries and we can say that in the future those pacts and organizations will be kept in order to keep the peace of the world. Today we are going to make a short analysis about the Central Treaty Organization (CENTO) and we will give some information about the history of that organization and more specifically we will look at the number of the countries and the names of those countries that are the members of the this organization. Now, let’s look at the Central Treaty Organization (CENTO) all together.


The Number of the Member countries of Central Treaty Organization (CENTO)

Central Treaty Organization (CENTO) is one of the most important organizations that are founded in order to keep the peace between some Middle East countries. When we look at the history of the organization, we can see that on the year of 1955 the organization is founded and today the activities of the organization are being continued. The organization is founded in Middle East in order to being against to the Soviet Union by North Atlantic Treaty Organization and it can be easily said that in the foundation of the organization the United States of America has very important role. Maybe the most important role in the foundation of the Central Treaty Organization (CENTO), the United States of America minister John Foster Dulles’.


On the other hand, when we look at the number of the members that are in the Central Treaty Organization (CENTO) we can see that there are 5 country members that are on the foundation of the organization and those countries are Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Turkey and the United Kingdom. The center of the organization is the Baghdad and the capital city of Turkey Ankara. On the other hand the United States of America is joined to the organization as an observer to the pact. It seems that in the future this kind of organizations will be held in order to keep the peace of the World forever. On 27 May 1960 the foundation of  Central Treaty Organization (CENTO) is ended.



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