How many answers need to pass the English citizenship test?

Living in Britain is the millions of people’s dream in the world. This great island is one of the most democratic, rich and powerful countries in the world. But being an English citizen is harder now because of new citizenship test. How many answers need to pass the English citizenship test?

The new government of England decided to create a test for all new British citizens. This test is about society, history and culture. Government is giving a book before test to read. Then a 45 minutes test is taking part.

There are lots of questions on the official book but none of them will be asked. But experts say some questions are very similar to questions on book.

BBC created an unofficial test book for people entering the English citizenship test. First question is about what a British to be. Respect must be searched in answers. Respect to law is the keyword.

Second question is always old and important documents like Magna Carta and The Mappa Mundi. Looking to important points of Britain history is very vital to answer this question.

Voting rights are the third question’s topic. In this question, British government prefers to ask on historical moments like when to get vote.

National saints’ days are very important in Britain so being a British citizen is giving an obligation to know these days. Sixth question is always about National saints’ days.

Other questions are about daily life in Britain. They are “ where to call if you see a fight, what are your rights in a problematic situation” and more.

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