How Many iPad Models Are There Now ?

In last ten years the using of the internet in the lives of people has been increasing too much extend thanks to the high development of the technology in all fields. In last ten years the social network websites are very popular all around the whole world and at first people use the their personal computers and after some time they turn to use the their laptop and now at the end of the process people start to use the tablet computers that is very useful to use. For example; people can carry these tablet computers in an easy way and they can bring them wherever they want because of their being portative.


By using these tablet computers people can do whatever they want and they can use it as their personal computers. As we said before because of the widespread using of the social network internet sites the using of the tablet computers become fast because connection from those devices is much more easier than the other personal computers and much more usable and as a result of this millions of people are preferring to use these type of computers. Today we are going to make a short analysis about the development of the device of iPad. It is a device that is produced by the company of Apple and it can be easily said that in the world it is one of the most popular and in widespread using device when we think about last years in this field.


The Number of the Models of iPad


When we look at the market today, there are 5 different models of iPad and these are:

iPad (2010)

iPad 2 (2011)

iPad 3 (2012) (The new iPad with retina)

iPad 4 (2012) (Same as 3 except faster)

iPad Mini (2012) (7 inch version of iPad with iPad 2’s specs)


Its becoming touchable makes it much more usable for the people and in the market of the Apple there are millions of different applications that people can get without paying money and because of these reasons the product is preferring and buying by millions of people all around the whole world. By using the product people can listen music, watch movie, they can print from the printer, accessing the internet, playing video games and we can count lots of different features of the product. Thanks to the feature of Wi-Fi the product can connect to the internet and by this way people can reach the internet wherever they go if there is any Wi-Fi connection on there, because of this on the travels of them, people are taking their iPad with them and its being portable makes people’s lives too much extend. It seems that in the future the using of the tablet computers will be much more widespread because of the necessities of people and it can be easily said that the company of Apple will produce new versions of the iPad in order to support people much more opportunity to use.


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