How Many People Are Using Visa Credit Cards in the World?

Do you use credit card or do you pay cash? Do you think that the credit cars are the beneficial for the people and how much extend the credit cards are helping the people? Today we are going to make a short analysis about the situation of the money and the people who are using the credit cards in the whole world. When we think about the point of the money, we can see that the money is no longer one of the most significant tools for the people because people are getting whatever they want by using money and it is the most important tool for them. As all we know people have to keep their lives to go on and because of this reason they need not only food but also on the other hand they need the place to stay and we can count lots of other requirements for the people in order to live and at this point in order to get those people have to earn money.


When we think about the development of the money from the history, we can see that in ancient times people are using the technique of the exchange before the money is invented but after the invention of the money, the money becomes the very efficient and one of the most usable things between the people. And at this point, when we look at our modern era, the money is being converted to the other tools and it can be said that easily, one of the most important and one of the most common tool that the money are converted is the credit cards. Today in the whole world, most of the people are using the credit cards and there are lots of positive benefits to the people of using the credit cards. First of all, if that moment, if a person has not enough money in his or her pocket, by using the credit cards of them, they can buy whatever they want if the necessary limit is available in the credit card and the following month the person can pay that money that he or she use o month ago and at this point maybe it is the most important effect of the credit cards to the people. On the other hand, it is possible to see that there are lots of negative effects of the credit cards to the people. For instance; if that person who has credit card is not paying attention his paying and can’t control himself, he can go to the debt spiral at this point, people have to be careful about it. In the whole world, there are lots of different companies that are providing the credit cards of the people and now we will look at them in a short way.



The Different Credit Cards in the World


In the whole world, the most used credit cards are Visa, American Express and Master card and the number of the people who are using them are: There are 315 Million Visa Credit Card Users, 215 million Master Card Users and 60 million American Express users are there in the whole world.


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