How Many Truck Manufacturers are there in the world?

The Transportation

When it is thought from the point of the whole humanity people from the history have been transporting their goods and with the rapid development of the technology especially after the beginnings of the industrial revolution the engines are very widespread along the whole world and people are getting help from these engines. truck


As a result of the development of the engines people are producing cars, motors, trucks and ships. And productions of them are helping people too much extend when they are transporting their goods. Thanks to the production and using of them people can transport the good especially in trade in very easy way and after the development of them it is easier that a good’s transportation from one country to another country. Thanks to them people can make trading along the whole world. On this point we can say that one of the most important transportation tools is trucks. They are helping people too much extend when they are transporting the goods because people can load tons of goods to a truck and they can move it to another place and because of this in the road transportation maybe moving with the trucks is the best way for people.


The Number of Truck Manufacturers in the World Today

Because of the lots of demand for the trucks especially in last fifty years the number of truck manufacturers have been increasing too much extend because the world is going to be globalized and as a result of this the trade in the whole world have been developing too much extend. When we look at them numbers of truck manufacturers in the world we see that in accordance with the current research that are done by experts there are 331 truck manufacturers along the whole world. And on the other hand as the time passes on that number have been increasing and in the future again this number will be doubled because of the development in technology and demand in this field. When we look at the biggest ten truck manufacturers in the world we can see that manufacturers and in that list the units of the manufacturers are written.

Isuzu 453,379, Volvo Group (Volvo, Mack, Renault, UD Nissan Diesel, Dongfeng Motor 224,017) Daimler AG (Mercedes-Benz, Freightliner Trucks, Unimog, Western Star, Fuso, BharatBenz) 306,903 ,Toyota Group (Hino Motors) 204,282, Tata Group (Tata Motors, Daewoo Commercial Vehicle) 171,454, Volkswagen Group (Scania, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, MAN)112,048, Fiat Group (Iveco, Magirus, Astra, Seddon Atkinson, Yuejin)91,037, Nissan 71,203, Ford 66,790 Dongfeng Motor 58,778, JAC Motors 51,025.

These manufacturers are the most popular and bestseller manufacturers along the whole world. When people are buying trucks they look at the power of engines and qualities of the brand and the first popular brands are on the list. Like in the past, in the future the trucks will help people too much extend when they are carrying their loadings from one country to the other country.




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