How many hours of sunlight to see in a day of Alaska?

Alaska is the largest state of United States. But it has only over 700.000 people on. Alaska was a part of Russia after Russian government bought it in 1800s but then in 1912 America took it back. Alaska’s most areas are in ice and seasonal situations are some different than other countries. How many days of sunlight are in Alaska?

Daylight length in Alaska is consisted on solstice. And also the place where a person living in Alaska is very important to calculate amount of sunlight he will see on a year.

Summer solstice on Alaska means to see one of the longest sunlight periods on the world. It’s about at least 18 hours or more in a day. Summer solstice is from June 21st to December 21st. When it’s winter solstice, sunlight is almost 6 hours in a day.

Also the place is important in Alaska for sunlight. If a person is on the northern edge of Alaska like Barrow city, this place is called as “Land of the Midnight Sun” and to see sunlight in there is a big chance. Especially in November 18th to January 23rd there’s no sunrise. And between the dates May 10th to August 2nd no sunsets is possible.

There are also extreme examples on Alaska about sunlight on day. Fairbanks area see 20 hours of sunlight in summer solstice and 4 hours sunlight in winter solstice. The Arctic Circle line have 24 hours of sunlight in some days and 24 hours of darkness in some days.

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