How many movies Paulina Gretzky appeared?

Paulina Gretzky is the daughter of actress Janet Jones and Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky. She was born in 1988 and she’s now very famous with its shows, photos and movie appearances.  She mostly appeared in shorts and documentaries but she also played on movies. She’s also famous for her Instagram pictures and twitter photos. How many movies Paulina Gretzky appeared?

She firstly seen on her father’s documentary called “Ultimate Gretzky” in 2003. She didn’t want to see her name in credits but don’t say its reason. Then she again appeared on “Life and Times” documentary as telling about his father. She also made songs for Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County and Ultimate Gretzky.

Her first long short movie was Fame in 2009. She was as Gorgeous Blonde Senior. But the movie and Gretzky couldn’t make any success for this movie and movie criticized high.

She was at “Guns, Girls and Gambling” movie at 2011. Gretzky was The Deputy. It was a small role but Gretzky’s popularity caught some viewers to cinemas.

Gretzky girl’s popularity is increasing especially in Canada and producers want to use it. So there are lots of gossips about her new plans and movies.

Other thing made this girl more popular than her sisters and brothers is her decide about not to go college. She wanted to became a celebrity and she refused to go college. Then she released an album but it was not she’s waiting. She is lastly seen in photos that criticized by newspapers.

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