How many types of Japanese martial arts are there?

Japan is famous for its martial arts. There are different kinds of martial arts in country. Some of them are traditional but there are also new created ones. It’s not easy to create a martial art because it needs not only moves but also a philosophy and a target for makers. There are some local martial arts in Japan but there are also worldwide famous ones like Aikido, Kendo, Sumo and Karate. Japan Martial arts are categorizing by hand or foot usage percent, time and aim. Martial art techniques in Japan mostly use hands as primary weapon. How many types of Japanese martial arts are there?

There are 51 well known types of Japan martial arts. Karate is the most famous one and it’s created on Ryukyu Islands. Karate’s some moves are inspired from Chinese martial arts but philosophy of Karate is different than Chinese ones. Karate started to be famous in 1920s and then became world famous one so used for all martial arts in Japan. Today there are some types of Karate like Shotokan Karate.

Aikido is also a popular Japanese martial art all over the world. Aikido has a strong philosophy about life. Aikido is developed in 1920s like Karate but its religion influences avoid it becoming Japan’s most important martial art.

There’s also a famous Japanese martial art called Sumo. Main aim is forcing the opponent to go out of ring. Judo is also very famous Japan martial art.

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