How many messages an average teen is sending every day?

Messaging was not available on first types of cell phones. Second party cell phones earned this feature and message became one of the most important communication ways all over the world. Today messaging is not a tool of removing communication need only but also a tool of being more social and find new friends. Messaging function of cell phones are mostly using by teenagers. How many messages an average teenager is sending every day?

Statistics Company Nielsen released a new research about daily messaging on different age groups. Messaging is mainly using by teenagers. One teenager is sending over 3.000 messages average. It’s six per hour and one for every 10 minutes.

Also density of messaging is another interesting topic. In America and lots of other countries, messaging on school is prohibited so teenagers in 13-17 are sending messages mostly in weekends and nights. It means a teenager is sending a message every minute.

Female teenagers are double of male teenagers on messaging. A female teenager is sending over 4.000 messages in a month. Male teenagers are also sending over 2.500 messages.

Youth 18 to 24 are sending over 1.600 messages per month. The number is decreasing by age groups. Because when the question was reason to get cellphone, answer was mainly security. But now %50 of teenagers is buying cell phones for messaging.

Also there are lots of teenagers using Skype or other programs for messaging in mobile phone.

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