How many books are there in the Vampire Academy series?

Vampire Academy series is one of the most popular young-adult paranormal romance novel series in the USA. Story is about Rose Hathaway, a Dhampir girl and her best friend Horoi. Series sold over 8 million copies worldwide. Also many spin-offs are released. In June 2010, a movie is started to be produced with “Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters” name. Also a graphic novel of first book of series is available. Also company will release other books of series as graphic novels. How many books are there in the Vampire Academy series?

There are 6 books and 4 spin-offs in the Vampire Academy series. First book “Vampire Academy” is written by Richelle Mead and released in 2007. Story is life of 17-year-old Rosemarie Hathaway. Book surprised authorities and gained critical success. Goodreads gave 4.25/5 to book. Also it awarded by many organizations. Many writers announced it the new hit after Harry Potter and Twilight. Also some writers found the language of Vampire Academy more successful and adventurous than Twilight. It entered “the New York Times Bestseller” list.
After first book’s success, Richelle Mead wrote the second book of series, Frostbite. It became #1 New York Times bestselling in a short period. Story is about Rose Hathaway and her romance with her instructor Dimitri. Book gained both commercial and critical success. Especially important book authorities found the book’s language very active and suitable for youth’s daily language. Also it’s accounted as one of the best books of last years in paranormal romance category. It’s published both as paperback and e-Book.

Third book of series is Shadow Kiss. It’s written by Richelle Mead and released in the same year with Frostbite. With this book, series entered New York Times Best Seller list for the first time. Book is mostly about romance instead of action. Authorities found the book not good as former books of series. Many fans of “Vampire Academy” found the book written quickly and only including love and romance scenes. Against all criticism, Richelle Mead didn’t talk about the topic and only announced that she’s writing the new book. Book made peak on sales in first week but then sales decreased continuously.
Blood Promise is released in 2009 and it’s the fourth book of series. After problems and criticism on former book of series, Mead turned to her own language and wrote about evil vampires and struggle between them. In its first week of release, Blood Promise became #1 in New York Best Seller list but then it centered behind dominant Twilight series. Story is mainly about Rose’s decision and how she left St. Vladimir’s Academy. Book is published in hard and soft paper and eBook format. Book authorities gave positive reviews about book but it couldn’t gain the commercial success of former books of series. Most of the fans found the book detailed than enough and not focusing in what fans are curious about.
Spirit Bound is released in 2010 and entered the The Wall Street Journal’s hardcover fiction list and USA Today bestseller list from #1. Also it again raised series to New York Times list. Story is about how Rose Hathaway returned back and entered the student life. Authors praised the book and most of the fans approved the romance level.
Last book of Vampire Academy series is Last Sacrifice. Last book of series gained big attraction and entered #1 New York Times bestselling series. Richelle Mead announced that it’s the last book of series and she will write spin-offs. Authorities and fans find the book successful but not answering all questions.

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