How Many Series of the Video Game of Max Payne Are There ?

In the whole world, there are millions of people who are addicted to the video games and with the popularity of these video games it seems that in the future the number of the people who are playing these games will be increased. With the concrete developments and the innovations in the field of technology, correspondingly to these developments and the innovations we can see the new products that are available in our lives. Again thanks to this rapid technology we can see the innovations in the field of the personal computers and the game consoles. It can be easily said that especially in last ten and fifteen years the game consoles are very popular all around the whole world and people are playing lots of different games with these game consoles.



. In the whole world when we think about the last two decades we can see that there are lots of different popular video games that are affecting people too much extend and as a result of these popularities of the video games people are buying and again as a result of it the companies who are producing video games are earning lots of money that are unbelievable. More specifically, today we are going to make a short analysis about the video game of the Max Payne, when we look at the figures that are in the last year it can be easily said that it is one of the most popular and one of the best seller video game all around the whole world. Already the video games that are first person shooter theme are very popular and after some video games such as Half-Life and Counter Strike, the video game of Max Payne is new generations of them and now we are going to look the game in a short way.



A Short View to the Video Game of Max Payne


The game of Max Payne is a type of game that is first person shooter and firstly the first version of the game is released in the year of 2001 for Windows and after one year the company of Rockstar Games develops the game for the Windows Xbox and Sony Playstation. When we look at the first developer of the video game we see that the name of Remedy Entertainment. After the game is released millions of people buy the game and again after some time the game becomes a idol. Totally, there are three versions of the video game of Max Payne and all of the versions of the game is liked and played by millions of the people all around the whole world. The second series is named as, “The Fall of The Max Payne” and on the other hand the last series of the game is “Max Payne 3” and it seems that most probably in the future the new versions of the game will be released because of the high demand to the game from the different regions of the world and from the people who are in all ages especially young people.



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