How Many Masterpieces did Mozart write?

The Life of Mozart

In world history billons of people lived each second hundreds of them are dying and on the other hand hundreds of people are born in the different regions of the world. Each person is different from each other some of them are intelligent, some of them are beautiful but when we look at the world history we can see some people who affect the whole world. Some people affect to the whole world with their inventions or ideas or it can be their intelligences that affect to the world. On this point Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is one of the most popular people in the world history that affect the world with his musical intelligence. Not let’s look at the life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Mozart is a musician and composer and he affects the whole world with his masterpieces. He is born in Salzburg city of the Austria in the year of 1756.


He is the most productive and affective composer of classical west music. His masterpieces affect the symphonies, concertos, orchestras, piano and music with chorus and on this point lots of composers and musicians are affected from his masterpieces too much extend. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is one of the most popular of European composers and lots of his masterpieces are used in standard concert repertoire. When we look at the dying process of Mozart we can say that there is no definite reason for his dying but on the other hand there are lots of speculations why he is died. It is very difficult issue to research the reason of why he is dead. In accordance with the romantic legends there are lots of stories and these stories are not fit each other. Lot of researchers cannot agree with each other about the Mozart’s illness raising process. But there is a saying that Mozart knows about his illness and on this point his masterpieces show a parallelism with his life. When he is dying he has some sayings about the death. After the dying of the Mozart people cannot find why he is died and even today there is no exact reason in modern medicine what is the illness of Mozart. He lives for 35 years and in this duration of time he has lots of masterpieces, let’s look at the masterpieces of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.



The Number of masterpieces does have Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

When we look at the whole masterpieces of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, we see that he has 626 masterpieces in total. And lots of these 626 masterpieces are very popular along the whole world. He writes between 40 and 49 symphonies, 20 operas, 25 piano concertos and there lots of other masterpieces of him. From the history his masterpieces have been used in lots of programs and lots of people are affected from the beauties of them and most probably in the future people will not forget to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart because of the perfect masterpieces of him.




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