How many married people meet first online?

Internet has lots of different usage types. It’s possible to use it for knowledge, share your life or meet with someone new. Meeting with someone new part of Internet is one of the oldest parts. First people using internet were looking for a platform that they can talk free. Today people like to meet first on the internet then in real life. How many married people meet first online?

There are some popular sites in America like Site is matching you with someone whose features are close to your profile. Site is very old and they are one of the important places to meet with new people.

Today %10- %15 of internet meeting is going to marriage. Especially between 20 to 54 years old people are looking for someone to meet and marry in internet. Nearly all of them are finding new friends but marriage decides is low until now.

There are different kinds of online chat sites to find new friends. Some of them are using style. Website is offering you new people.

There are also classical sites on the internet for meeting someone new. A man or woman can start to chat with other people and they can get a relationship after a long conversation.

Facebook and Twitter are also using to meet new people on internet. Especially  Facebook messaging is the new way of meeting. It’s also possible to see lifestyle of new people and their photos on the gallery section of Facebook profile pages.


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