How Many Denim Brands are there in Europe and United States of America?

What is denim?

Denims are trousers that are made from jeans. Originally the denim takes its name from the language of French, in French its name is called as “De Nimes” When we look at the history of the denim, we see that the denim has been used in the United States of America from the last years of 18th century and in our modern world it is so popular that almost everybody has denim. Its color is originally blue; with the help of the indigo its color turns to the blue and in almost all over the world people prefer the color of blue as denim and because of the fact that the easy using of the denim people are likes it very much.




. In the century of 16, French People want to produce very smart dress and then in the city of Nimes they produce a fabric and in this fabric there are silk and cotton and as a result of this it becomes very popular in the country and from that country the fabric spread to the whole world. When we look at the modern world we can see that there are lots of denim mills along the world. The number of denim mills that are available in the world is 513 and this number are increasing day by day because of the high demand for the denim usage and in future again this number will be increased to much extend.



The popular Denim Brands in the world.

When it is thought generally, there are lots of denim brands in the world. With the rapid development of the technology these factories are spreading in a short way. When we think denim brands only in Europe and United States of America we can say that there are about 50 denim brands. Lots of these brands are very qualitative and people who are from the different regions of the world are using them. When we look at the best 10 denim brands we can see these brands: Levi’s, Wrangler Jeans, Diesel, Calvin Klein, Killer Jeans, True Religion, Rustler Jeans, 7 for all Mankind, Lee Jeans and Spykar. These jeans are very popular among the whole world and people are paying lots of money in order to buy them. They are buying the stock from the factories that are producing the fabric and they are sinking those fabrics into the trousers and lots of other wearing and at the end of the process they are selling it to their customers. On this way they are earning millions of dollars. When we look at the popularity of the jeans we can say that in future their popularity will not be decrease because of the widespread using of them but on the other hand their using will be increased to much extend and new factories will be opened in order to produce new types of denims for different people.



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