How many main types of Goldfish are there?

Goldfish is one of the earliest domesticated animals in the world. Goldfish is known most popular aquarium fish since 1500s. It’s known that Goldfish firstly domesticated in Asia. Today there are various types of Goldfish in the world. Original color of Goldfish is “gold” as its name but over centuries selective breeding created different kinds of fish. How many main types of Goldfish are there?

There are 27 main types of Goldfish in the world. Main Goldfish variety has known as Common Goldfish and it varies on color like orange, white, yellow and lemon.

Black Moor is another famous type of Goldfish especially in Japan and China. This type of Goldfish characteristically has projector eyes.

Bubble Eye Goldfish is also known by its eyes. But also this type of Goldfish has two big sacs on its face. There’s some little infectious material in their bubbles.

Comet is another most popular Goldfish variety. They are very similar to common Goldfish but they are smaller than common ones. Also they have a longer tail than common goldfish.

Butterfly tail is one of the strangest Goldfish types. It has a characteristic pattern on its tail and this pattern is looking like a butterfly’s wings.

There are also uncommon and precious types of goldfishes. Most popular one of them is Curled-gill goldfish. It has characteristic gill cover.

Also Tamasaba type of Goldfish is uncommon and very precious especially in Japan.

Common Goldfishes types live for 1 to 2 years mostly. But there are also breed types that live for 20 to 40 years.

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