How Many Known Chemical Elements Are There?

There are 118 known chemical elements as of 2011.First element on the periodic table is Hydrogen the latest one is Ununoctium.

The table contains 118 chemical elements whose discoveries have been confirmed. The first 94 are found naturally on Earth, and the rest are synthetic elements that have been produced artificially in particle accelerators. Elements 43 (technetium), 61 (promethium) and all elements greater than 83 (bismuth), beginning with 84 (polonium) have no stable isotopes. The atomic mass of each of these element’s isotope having the longest half-life is typically reported on periodic tables with parentheses. Isotopes of elements 43, 61, 93 (neptunium) and 94 (plutonium), first discovered synthetically, have since been discovered in trace amounts on Earth as products of natural radioactive decay processes.

2011 Latest Periodic Table Contains 118 elements

The Photographic Periodic Table

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