How many times Hurricane Isaac hit the world?

Isaac is the common name of Atlantic Ocean tropical cyclones. First Hurricane Isaac started on 1980–85 Southern Hemisphere tropical cyclone seasons. Every year from 80 to 85, Tropical cyclone activity had been seen from July 1 to June 30 in Southern Hemisphere. Highest point of hurricane was on early March. Last Hurricane Isaac is 2012’s Tropical Storm Isaac and it’s very effective. First Hurricane Isaac hit the Tonga Island in 1982 and 2012’s Hurricane Isaac is affective on Tampa, Florida. Tropical wave of hurricane is coming from Africa. How many times Hurricane Isaac hit the world?

1980–81 Southern Hemisphere tropical cyclone season started with Intense Tropical Cyclone Alice-Adelaide. Hurricane started on November 3 and reached to its peak on November 8. Also Moderate Tropical Storm Bettina, Cyclone Bert-Christe, Cyclone Cliff and Cyclone Max have been seen on this season.
1981–82 Southern Hemisphere tropical cyclone season started with Tropical Cyclone Errol. Errol hit the Western Australia and made a big damage in January 1982. After it, Severe Tropical Cyclone Isaac started and hit the island groups of Ha’apai and Vava’u. It killed six people. Season lasted with Tropical Cyclone Dominic and hurricane made 3.6 million dollars damage behind.
1982–83 Southern Hemisphere tropical cyclone season hit Australia mostly. Especially Port Hedland, Western Australia was damaged. Season continued with Cyclone Elinor, Cyclone Ken and Cyclone Lena. Cyclone Lena also had been seen on coast of Philippines.
1983–84 Southern Hemisphere tropical cyclone season saw over 30 Tropical Cyclones. Most dangerous one was Severe Tropical Cyclone Lindsay and it entered category 4.
1988’s Tropical Storm Isaac was not very strong. They mostly saw on Trinidad and Tobago. It caused heavy rainfall and flash flooding in area.
2000’s Hurricane Isaac was a part of strong Atlantic hurricane season. It started in Africa in September 20 and moved quickly. On September 23, Hurricane saw 120 mph of winds. Hurricane Isaac came to United Stated very weak and only created waves on Long Island, New York.

2006’s Hurricane Isaac was the last tropical cyclone of season. It started on September 18. It firstly came to land on Newfoundland. Hurricane didn’t make a high damage with no fatalities. Oil platforms were the main affected areas from hurricane.
2012’s Hurricane Isaac started to be watched on August 17. Hurricane caught very proper environment to develop. The National Hurricane Center made warnings for storm. Hurricane Warning was made for Dominican Republic and especially for Southern coast and Haiti-Dominican Republic southern border. Tropical Storm Warning was made for countries like Antigua and Barbuda, United Kingdom islands and United States including Puerto Rico and United States Virgin Islands. Also center made Tropical Storm Watch for Bahamas. Most dangerous move of 2012’s Hurricane Isaac is its move to Tampa, Florida.
Hurricane Isaac is not a killer hurricane like Katrina or similar but it’s very harmful with strong winds and heavy rain falls. After 20 years, it’s possible to see that Hurricane Isaac only killed 10 people but made big damage especially in islands and Australia.

The National Hurricane Center is changed its warning styles since Katrina Hurricane and it’s possible to see new levels of warning for Hurricane Isaac. But people still think that warning is not very effective and very late still. Center’s efficiency is argued on 2012 after Tropical Storm Helene and Tropical Storm Beryl. Especially Tropical Storm Beryl caused strongest landfall in America has ever seen and The National Hurricane Center’s warning about hurricane’s power is argued commonly in United States. They were not fatal but very high damaged.

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