How Many Kinds of Bees are there in the world today?

In the world there are lots of creatures and they are living in harmony with each other. If there is any unbalancing situation between these creatures as a result of this there can be lots of problems in the whole world when we think from the point of not only environment but also the globe. Apis_mellifera_flying

Because of this people have to be careful in order not to spoil the balance of the environment. In our environment almost all of the creatures have some roles and even an insect is very important on this point. There are hundreds of kinds of animals in the world. After the human being animals are the most important type of creatures in the whole world. All of the animals are very important in accordance with their formation. On this point bees are one of the most important animals when we think about the whole nature and the whole world. On this essay we are going to make a short analyzing about the bees and their lives. Now let’s look at the creatures of bees. When we look at the whole nature it can be easily said that bees are one of the most intelligent animals in the nature. Even in 21st century the scientists can not solve the mystery and the intelligence of the bees. When we look at the bees from the point of general way we see that they are a kind of insect and they are in the part of lacewing. The bodies of the bees is formed by three parts and these parts are head, body and the part of the tail. Their bodies are covered with the hairs and their bodies are very soft. They are in again the parts of Anthropoids. 



The number of the kinds of the bees in the whole world today.


In accordance with the experts in the world today there are 20.000 different kinds of the bees and they are all living in the different regions of the world. There are lots of bees that are harmful to people but on the other hand it can be easily said that there are again a lot of bees that are beneficial to the people. In the different regions of the world people are getting money by using the bees. They can get benefit from the bees in lots of different ways. For example; at first people are getting honey from the bees and they are selling these honey to the other people and as a result of this they can get money for their houses and families. When we look at the situation in the whole world we can see lots of people who are keeping their lives by selling the products of the bees. On the other hand, there are lots of bees harmful to the people. If they bite people they can be extremely dangerous for the people and because of this fact people have to be careful to the some kinds of bees.


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