How Many polar bears are left in the world?

The effects of Global Warming

With the industrial revolution, the effects of industry become very widespread along the world. It has lots of beneficial points for people and it supports people’s lives and makes them easy. There are lots of advantages of industrial revolution to all people but on the other hand like its beneficial effects the industrial revolution has lots of negative effects not only to the people but also to nature. BBX8JM_1964794c


Especially when we look at the subject from the point of nature we can see that the industrial revolution has been affecting the animals and plants in a negative way from the first day of the industries’ establishments. Because of the toxic wastes of factories the nature is going to be dirty and in future if the necessary precautions are not take the environment will be more dirty and this will cause lots of adverse effects from the point of not only animals but also plants and as a result of them people will be affected from the situation. On this point, because of this we as a people have to be more careful in order to keep our planet clean otherwise we will lose our natural sources. As a result of these pollutions it can be said that the first living creatures that are affected from them is animals. As a result of the global warming the balance of the planet has been changing from the long years and in future it will continue and will harm the animals. Especially the animals that are living in poles are being affected from this pollutions and their numbers is decreasing as the day goes on. Maybe we can say that polar bears are in deep danger when it is compared to the other animals. In this point let’s look at the Polar Bears’ case.



Living Fields of the Polar Bears and the number of them

Polar Bear is called not only white bear but also sea bear and they live in poles. They have very coarse skin that they can live in very cold climates; their skins are protecting them from the cold. They can hunt in sea, land and in the ice in an easy way. They eat not only with fish but also they can eat sea dogs. They are very powerful animals that they can easily trap their pray. On the one hand they had very widespread living fields in the past they could live easily in the past, on the other hand when we look at the today’s world we see that because of the rapid development in industrial revolution and as a result of it the increasing effects of global warming the living areas of polar bears is being limited each year. In the world today, according to the researches done by biologists there are between 20.000 and 25.000 Polar Bears left and this number is decreasing as the day goes on. On this point in order to prevent our planet and nature as a people we have to get precautions of the results of the global warming. 11394087-magnificent-polar-bears

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