How Many People Are There On Africa Continent?

How Many People Are There On Africa Continent?


In this article, we are going to share the total amount of people living on Africa continents. In case you wonder the answer to the question or you need the answer for any private reason, you are going to learn it in this article. But before that let us provide you some interesting facts about Africa. Then we will share the answer with you. The continent itself is larger than the combination of China, USA, India, Mexico and Europe. However, the population density is very low since most parts of the lands consist of forests and deserts. The distance between Europe and Africa is only 14,3 kilometers. You can travel between these continents in 30 minutes with a ferry. This destination is Spain to Morocco.


The continent is the home of the world’s biggest and tallest animals. The biggest animal is the African Elephant while you can easily guess the tallest animal. Indeed, it is the giraffe. There is a community in Africa which is known as Bushman. This society still uses the tools that people who lived about 44 thousand years ago used to use. Some of the tribes in this continent are very primitive. Even most of them have never seen anybody else apart from their tribe members.


Africa is the leading continent in terms of the child workers. Forty-one percent of children who are in 5 – 14 age range work as a child worker. The conditions that people have to face in their everyday life is not that much good as ours. They have to face many problems as a part of living in Africa. For instance, if you would live in Africa, you would have to walk for 6 kilometers under the burning sun in order to reach to the clean drinking water. Moreover, about 12,5 million African have taken from their lands and brought to the United States in order to be sold as slaves between the years 1525 and 1866.


Every day 96 elephants are slaughtered for the ivory. The African governments and the African Union are doing their best in order to prevent poaching. The most dangerous animal in Africa is the hippopotamus. They cause the death of people more than the sum of lions and alligators. South Africa has 11 official languages. One of them is English and rest of the languages are the local languages. This is why South Africa is referred as Rainbow Nation. If you like to drink beer than here is a good news for you. It is possible to drink beer made of banana in the continent.


These were all of the interesting facts that we wanted to share with you. You can even find more interesting facts if you will research about South Africa. Although the continent is very large in terms of the lands, the total amount of the people living in the continents is about 1,2 billion. It is also a fact that, people can make up only eight percent of the population when we include the big animals living on the continent.

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