How many popular Halloween costumes are there?

“All Hallows’ Evening” or Halloween with its popular name is an holiday in USA and various countries. There are lots of legends about origin of Halloween but most popular one is a convert story from Pagan harvest festival. Halloween festival has lots of activities like trick-or-treat, pumpkin carving and adding them into jack-o’-lanterns, apple bobbing, playing pranks and talking about scary stories. Also costume parties are very popular. After 70s, people also started to watch horror movies at home. Also candy apples and caramel or taffy apples are very popular. How many popular Halloween costumes are there?

The Avengers costumes are all-time popular for Halloween. Especially “Black Widow Adult Costume” is both mysterious and sexy. Also there are lots of accessories coming with jumpsuit like belt buckle and wrist cuffs. Also black stilettos are great completer for this costume.
“Captain America Adult Costume” is one of the most popular Halloween customers ever. It’s power, strength, USA and handsome. Also mask and pair of gloves are sexy accessories of jumpsuit.
“Hulk costume” for Halloween is scary. It has a special short that tear apart when man under this costume starts to move. It gives a sexy look to costume. Also muscle group on stomach is looking very sexy.
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Snow White costume for Halloween is an all-time classic. It’s sexy and pure. It’s possible to find accessories in dress like red headband and brooch. Also a bite apple is a good completer for this dress. It’s also easy to find it in all sizes.
When the topic is Snow White, it’s impossible to pass it without Big Bad Granny Wolf. This costume is both scary and humorous. Main equipment of costume is a granny nightgown with long sleeves and other details. Wolf mask and wolf tail are good additional accessories.

White Navy officer costume is a classic in Halloween costumes. It’s the dream of all American women. It’s a perfect white dream with hat, shoes and pants. Costume is only for weak men and it’s not suitable for big ones.
March Hare costume is also a classic especially for American Halloween nights. Jacket must be some littler than man’s body. Pair fur shoes and cotton tailed pants are perfect completers for this dress. Shirt is an attached one from front.
Mardi Gras costume is both sexy and a classic. It’s important to find the best matched colors because it’s possible to see millions of color combinations for these costumes in the market. Purple, yellow, green combination is a classic. Costume also needs old style jewelry and headband.
There are also some costumes that are out of fashion now. Some of them are Snowman costume, Witch costume, Crocodile costume and Crimson Bull costume. You may wear them but be ready for critics and laughs.
Carrying sexy accessories outside may be dangerous and be careful about it. Especially carrying handcuffs outside is what police is warning every year and it’s very dangerous.

America is passing a hard period and wearing a humorous costume will make you and your community happy. So try to find one of them. Don’t wear Hulk Hogan costume for a few years and don’t ask anyone why they are laughing at you.
Buy and wear licensed products because there’s detailed research about licensed products. It’s not a good situation to go police station with a sexy Snow White or Plush Snowman costume in the Halloween night. You may wait till morning with Bob’s Burgers man, Mr. Puppy and Nick Fury in the jail. Also don’t forget that Kiss costumes are out of fashion even they are selling in everywhere.

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