How Many Keys Does the Piano Have?


In history people have lots of occupations. The first goal of people is to continue their lives and in order to keep their lives continue they have to find new sources of foot water and other resources. After people find resources to keep their lives continue, they start to want to relieve their minds because like the physical health of the people their psychological health is very important for people in order to keep their lives in balance.


In this point, people want to find new ways to relieve their psychologies and as we know they head to extra activities such as art, music, sculpture, drawing pictures or taking photographs. With the rapid development of the technology the activities that people have in order to relieve their psychologies are very several; people can do whatever they want. If it is necessary to focus one of them let’s look at the music.


The History of the Music.

We can define music as the form of sounds that are meaningful. We can base the music to the B.C 3000 years. In these years in India people have music and they are the oldest concrete evidences in our modern day, and with the development of the technology lots of new musical instruments are designed. There are lots of traditional instruments along to the whole world such as percussion, piano, cello, violin, bağlama and there are lots of others. Now let’s look at the piano.

The Development of Piano

The piano is a musical instrument with keys and there are types of pianos. When it is pushed to its buttons it gives different sounds and its sound is very effective for people because of this piano is very popular among the whole world. When we look at the structures of them there are Wall (consol) and Grand types of it. The word of “Piano” comes from Italian language and it means “harpsichord with powerful and light sound” (gravicembalo col piano e forte). The first piano is made by Bartolommeo Cristofori in Florance in the year of 1700. According to the number of keys, there are four types of piano. The piano is generally have 88 keys and there are other pianos that have 92 or 97 keys and they are called as Austrian Bösendorfers, these types of pianos are very expensive because of the workmanship of the piano. And there is another type of piano and it is called Cottage piano and it has 64 keys because its top and octave parts are missed. When we look at the history of piano and other musical instruments we see that they all have been developing with the rapid development of technology and in future again they will be in such a perfect form that maybe we can’t believe of the developments in music. Even today people have lots of possibilities about music, they can do music whenever and wherever they want, in future this will also develop to much extend.

Keyboard Keys Close Up


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