How many important points are there while choosing the right dog?

Dogs are the best friends of men. They are loyal, active, funny, easy to teach, alert and sometimes vital. Today millions of people have dogs. Some countries have bans about feeding a dog in apartment but this countries’ number is decreasing because loneliness is rising in capitalism ruled world and people need friends. Choosing the right dog is most important topic before feeding a dog. It’s important for both family and dog because a mismatch will make two sides unhappy. Today some countries apply same rules with child adaption while taking a dog. How many important points are there while choosing the right dog?

First of all, there are some basic points to get ready before taking one. Cost of dog ownership, dog training and children behavior to animals generally are basic but important points before taking a new dog. If basic points are ok, it’s time to check the deeper details.
Size of dog that you will take is important. It’s a common belief that if dog is smaller its danger of biting is less. But it’s totally wrong because biting of a dog consists of its nature, genetics, situation and more. While Chihuahuas are one of the smallest dogs, they are very alert and tend to bite, but Great Danes are biggest but they are not tending to bite. Also some small dog types are vulnerable and some wrong training methods may get them injured hazardously. Also it’s a wrong common belief that small dogs eat less and big dogs eat more. If it’s not possible to decide one of them, there are some medium sized dogs.

Activity level of dog you chose is also very important. It’s definite that some dog types are more energetic than others and they need to play every day. If owner doesn’t have enough time for it, dog will face the obesity problems in a shorter period. Dog types like Basset Hound have lower energy than others and they control their eating habit, but some types like Border Collie are known as “disc dog” and they will play whatever you want. Also forcing a dog to play more than standard will harm its character and dog will develop some health and behavior problems.
Grooming is also vital for dogs. Most of the domestic dog types today need basic grooming. But there are also some types that need more attention those others. It’s possible to find some special grooming tools and methods for these dogs. For example dogs with bigger ears are very tend to ear infections and they need special grooming tools to save from it.

Taking a dog from puppy period may be harder than ever because they need some special tools and attention on this period. If you are not an experienced dog owner, it may be very problematic for you because it also needs high cost to grow and train them.
If you are not an expert on dog puppies, an adult dog will be best for you. Adults dogs will show you all potential power and attention levels of them. Also they will be experienced some and it won’t be hard to train them and training hours will be funnier than ever.
Also it’s possible to take senior dogs. People believe that senior dogs are slow and they are close to death but it’s totally wrong because there is no definite life time interval for any dog. Senior dogs are perfect for families with older people because they are experienced companions but they have lower power than others.

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