How many Google advertising tools are there?

Google Inc is a multinational company in USA. Most important product of company is Google Search Engine now. Company is founded by Sergey Brin and Larry Page. Google combined all systems of it into one advertisement program in 2011 and today %96 of revenue of company is coming from this advertisement system. In 2006, total revenue of advertising that company reported was $10.492 billion. Licensing and other values were only $112 million. With many innovations, Google became one of the biggest brokers in the world market. Google is also fighting against ad frauds till the first day. How many Google advertising tools are there?

Google AdWords is the most popular advertising tool of company. It’s also accepting as the main advertising campaign of Google. Main revenue of Adwords were USD$28 billion in 2008. Google Adwords use “pay-per-click” system for ads. It means every user click on ads will be paid. It’s possible to find international, local and national distributions of service now. Google has standards for ads and main text limit is 25 words. Image on Ads also has standards. Google moved its Adwords Engineering Headquarters to Mountain View, California where its main headquarters stand. Adwords always became the base point of discussions with frauds, bans and allowed keywords. Today words from “companies’ trademarks”, pharmaceuticals keywords like hacking and “Facebook” word is prohibited to use in ads. Also there are location based word prohibitions of company.

AdMob is the mobile advertising program of Google. Admod is the abridgment of “advertising on mobile.” Service is firstly started by Omar Hamoui in 2006 and he sold service to Google in November 2009 by $750 million. Apple Inc. also tried to buy service but Google bought it. Admob is offering advertising solutions for Iphone, Android, IOS, Flash Lite, Windows Phone 7 and webOS.
Google DoubleClick is offering “internet ad serving” service. Google DoubleClick has important cilents like Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Apple Inc. and Carlsberg. Company is founded in 1995 and Google bought it in 2008 by US$3.1 billion. Today company is working for uploading ads. It’s also giving daily and yearly reports about these ads. Before Google, DoubleClick always became the target and main gateway of spyware software because it was possible to use cookies DoubleClick collected by spyware easily.
Also there is a “DoubleClick for Publishers by Google” version of DoubleClick. Its name was Google Dart but then Google changed it to a new one. Google introduced service as “advertisement software as a service application.” Most of the users are using the service as “ad server” but it’s also possible to use it with various publisher tools.
“Google Website Optimizer” is not a direct ad software but with controlling and reporting the web page includes, it’s helping webmasters and online marketers to increase visitor numbers from Google. Google Website Optimizer is one of the most developed testers in web and it can test all the ingredients of HTML. Google retired “Google Website Optimizer” in 2012 and added the service into Google Analytics but it’s still one of the most popular services for webmasters.
“Google Certification Program” with its popular name or “Google Advertising Professionals” with its new name is a Google service which is using for agencies’ AdWords qualifications. Agencies must pass some steps and exams to finish “Google Certification Program.” Now there are three advanced and one fundamental exam in the system now. Requirements for taking “Google Advertising Professionals” certificate are working with a Google qualified employee who worked at least 90 days and managed $10,000 spend. Also Google has some activity rules for “Google Certification Program.”

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