How many foreign players played on the NBA?

National Basketball Association has lots of international players now. There were less than 10 international players on NBA in 80s. After 90s NBA discovered different worlds of basketball. First man was Hank Biasatti from Italy in NBA. He went to NBA on 1946-47 season. Now it’s possible to see players from Slovenia to Nigeria. How many foreign players on the NBA?

Most famous international player of NBA is probably. Hakeem Olajuwon. He was from Nigeria. Olajuwon was 12 time All-star and has 2 NBA titles. Also he was Finals MVP for 2 times.

Dirk Nowitzki from Germany is another famous international player of NBA. He’s still playing and he won his first championship in 2011. He’s 8 time All-star and Mavericks top scorer of all time.

Patrick Ewing from Jamaica is another unforgettable international NBA player. He was 11 times All-star and he won Olympic Gold Medal for 2 times.

Totally 187 international player played on NBA. Canada is leading by 21 players. Steve Nash is the most famous Canadian NBA player.

18 French international players played on NBA. Tony Parker is one of the most famous one. He’s still playing for San Antonio Spurs.

Serbia also has 18 players played on NBA. Vlade Divac is one of the most famous players from Serbia. Australia, Spain and Crotia have 12 players. Puerto Rico has 10, Brazil, Great Britain and Russia have 9 players. Turkey and Argentina have 8 players played on NBA.

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