How many finishing and signature moves Jhon Cena has?

Jhon Cena, John Cena or John Felix Anthony Cena with his full name is a professional wrestler working for the Raw band. He’s also an actor and singer. He has totally 19 championships in his professional career since 2000. He’s the favorite face of WWE fans. Also his album “You Can’t See Me” became popular and he’s using these songs in his fights. He also starred in movies like The Marine, 12 Rounds and Legendary but films couldn’t make higher grosses. Most important things that catching people in John Cena’s matches are his special moves. How many finishing and signature moves Jhon Cena has?

He has 13 signature moves and 3 finishing moves. One of his most popular signature move is “Diving leg drop bulldog”. Leg drop bulldog is a popular move in WWE. Cena developed this move. He jumps from a higher place to opponent’s head’s near.

Dropkick is also his popular and signature move. He likes to make it from top rope. His move is a good mixture of missile dropkick and springboard dropkick.

He also likes “Emerald Flowsion” move. He use his left shoulder to lift his opponent. “Emerald Flowsion” is one of the strongest signature moves of Cena and it’s hard to save from this move.

Cena makes “Five Knuckle Shuffle” signature move mostly for theatric situations. He mostly prefers diving from top rope for “Five Knuckle Shuffle” move.

Cena makes also “Fisherman suplex” as a signature move but he calls it as “cradle suplex”. After a strong front facelock Cena finishes the move with popular “leglock submission hold”.

Also it’s possible to see Jhon Cena in his signature “Gutwrench suplex” move. But in an interview he said that he doesn’t want to make this move regularly.

Spin-out powerbomb of Cena is a popular move also in WWE. Sometimes fans call this move as “Blue Thunder Driver”. He use his strong arms for this move and move became popular after his match against Rey Mysterio.

“Shoulder block” is a classic move in professional wrestling world but “Running leaping shoulder block” is the classic of John Cena. He mostly prefers this move on the first period of matches.

“Running one–handed bulldog” is also a signature move of John Cena. Cena use this move when his opponent is some dizzy. He runs near the opponent, than he comes back and takes his opponents to hit ground.

“Sitout hip toss” is also a developed version of classic hip toss. Cena rarely prefers this move but he’s very talented to do it.

“Spinebuster” is another rare signature move of John Cena. It’s some hard move because wrestler must catch the true moment and opponent’s momentum to do this move.

“Twisting belly to belly suplex” is a John Cena development of classic wrestling attack “suplex”. Cena made it last on 2009 championship.

Another popular finishing move of John Cena is “Attitude Adjustment”. It’s a developed version of Fireman’s carry. Move finishes with a powerslam or takeover.

John Cena also likes Stepover Toehold Facelock finishing move. Especially he’s very strong to lock opponent’s arms. Fans like this move and always want from Cena.

John Cena also lots of signature moves named by fans. Some of them are “You Can’t See Me Stalling Suplex”, “Rapper Punch”, “Pump It Up” and “The Oklahoma Roll”.

His characteristic feature to love feuds is making him more popular than ever nowadays. At that time he has feuds with lots of wrestlers like Chris Jericho, The Undertaker, Jesus, Sheamus, C.M. Punk and The Nexus. There are also some rumors about his leaving from RAW brand.

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