How many ex-boyfriends of Selena Gomez are there?

Selena Gomez is one of the most popular Hollywood stars nowadays. She’s a singer, actress, UNICEF agent and more. Americans also like her because she’s young hot but too pure. Every move she does is being news. Especially her boyfriends and mostly her relationship with Justin Bieber is top news every day. Maybe Justin Bieber left her for another hottie girl but there are lots of news that Selena Gomez is trying to save back Justin Bieber. There are still lots of speculations about when their relationship started, aren’t they meet on Vanity Fair oscar party and what they are doing now. Also Selena Gomez’s ex-boyfriends are a popular topic. How many ex-boyfriends of Selena Gomez are there?

Selena Gomez is grown-up on TV. So we know all moves she made. But there are no serious records about Selena Gomez’s boyfriends till 2007. When Selena Gomez was 15, she tasted the love first time. As traditional, she fell in love with her series Wizards of Waverly Place’s star David Henrie. They dated from August 2007 to September 2007. It was a hot summer love and Selena Gomez fans liked Henrie.
After David Henrie, Selena Gomez lived some silent months. When Nick Jonas news started on magazines, fans don’t believe it first because Nick was on a world tour with his band Jonas Brothers. Another thing about this relationship was that Jonas was the boyfriend of Miley Cyrus. Fans believed that rivalry between Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez fired this relationship but none of girls could be able to catch Jonas more than two months.

Selena Gomez’s next one was Twilight’s star Taylor Lautner. Taylor’s sister is a good friend of Gomez and firstly Gomez and she have seen on shopping in Vancouver. Then Taylor’s sister introduced them on city. They fall in love but media pressure was high about them. They split up after lots of news about their relationship on media but this split up created lots of controversies about young lovers of Hollywood.
After Lautner, Gomez didn’t wait too much and returned to her ex-lover Nick Jonas. Their relationship again started on January 2010. This time, their relationship was not like first time. They were kissing in front of the magazines, they were posing and more. It was the time Gomez was releasing a new album and Jonas was going to world tour. They split up on February 2010 and they made an announcement that career is over the love again.
Selena Gomez was growing fast but her boyfriends were still from her age. It was something unusual on Hollywood but Gomez was continuing to find boyfriends on same age. Cameron Quiseng was one of them. Star of Allstar Weekend has seen with Selena Gomez firstly in March 2010. They played bowling and then Quiseng gave a complimentary review about Selena Gomez. They split up on April 2010.
After Cameron Quiseng , Gomez started with Mark Salling on August 2010. It was firstly rumors but then they have seen on 2010 Teen Choice Awards together. They messaged for all night and RadarOnline caught them. They split up on the same month.

Selena Gomez is still dating Justin Bieber. After some rumors, they had photographed on poolside in Mexico. Their first media announcement together was on Oscars after party in March 2011. Justin Bieber loved Gomez crazily in the first months of their relationship, but then there were lots of rumors that Bieber was dating with other Hollywood chicks. But magazines couldn’t catch him with other girls so Selena Gomez& Justin Bieber relationship is still living.

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