How many new series will make debut in America 2012 summer?

Series are very important in today’s TV schedules. Since the 50s, there have been legendary TV series. Some of them became worldwide famous but there were also local popular ones. After 1990s, Hollywood started to sell series to whole world and TV channels are set up only to broadcast series. There are some series’ standards in America but it’s hard to say it for whole world. In America dramas are 44 minutes and they are 1 hour with advertisements. Comedy series use 22 minute format and they are 30 minutes with advertisements. Sometimes series may be broadcasted with two episodes in one but it’s very rare. Every year, new series are on TV and 2012 will be very assertive for TV series. How many new series will make debut in America 2012 summer?


There will be 40 big TV series will make debut in America. There will be some drama and comedy series but also remakes like Dallas will hit the charts.

One of the most assertive TV series of 2012 summer is “Arrow”. Series will be about a boy’s return to city after a boat crash and his battle to clear city from bad men. Stephen Amell will be the “Green Arrow”. Also Paul Blackthorne and Katie Cassidy will take lead roles. Trailer of series is released and pilot episode will be on TV in September 26.

Another assertive series that will be on TV in 2012 summer is “666 park avenue” Series’ main topic is Sci-Fi and Horror. Stars like Dave Annable, Katelynn Bailey and Robert Buckley are exciting Series lovers. After trailer released, people commented on forums that 666 Park Avenue will be a good mixture of horror and Sci-Fi classics.

Elementary is also a series that will make debut on 2012. Series shocked Sherlock Holmes fans because modern Sherlock is a woman detective in New York. Stars like Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller will be seen on this new series. After first trailer released, fan forums saw lots of controversies as English version Sherlock and American version Elementary. But management rights of BBC series Sherlock will force Elementary series two create something new.

Revolution is also a Sci-Fi that will make debut on 2012 summer. Revolution is the new work of Lost’s producer J.J Abrams. Main plot of Revolution is about electricity. One day electricity is going out of world and none of electronics are working. After 15 years, some people are trying to recover electricity in the world of war kingdoms and poverty. Revolution is a mixture of old popular series Happening and Flash-Forward. Also it’s possible to see some characters from Hungry Games.

Also remake of legendary TV series Dallas will hit the TV watchers. Cast is a good mix of old characters like Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy and new stars like Josh Henderson and Jordana Brewster. Dallas has a trailer and series fans liked it. Pilot episode is watched by 7 million people in America and it’s a hope for Dallas series.

Also series like The Newsroom, The Carrie Diaries, Anger Management, Political Animals and Hannibal will be challenging series on TV channels.

Also series like Continuum, Game of Thrones, How I Met Your Mother and Mad Men will try their chances on this high series population. How I Met Your Mother will be on TV with its 8th season and Game of Thrones will be on TV with its third season. Also there are some projects from important directors and actors-actresses but they firstly have to sign with their channels on projects.


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