How many muscles are working on a smile?

Smiling is the biggest key of happiness. A smile means sending lots of signals to others but also sending signals to your own physical systems and brain. Another point of smiling is muscle process. Smiling more is moving face muscles more and giving a more detailed shape to face. Doctors say nothing ever effective for skin prolapses than smiling. How many muscles are working on a smile?

43 muscles are located in the face. They are controlling by a nerve called seventh cranial nerve. When you smile, this nerve gives a command to lots of muscles. But when you frown, only some muscles are taking command.

It’s not possible to say exactly how many muscles are working on a smile. Because all people are have different smile types. Average muscle number working on a smile is 26. But some people only use 10 of them on same process. There are also people smirking on every smile so over 30 muscles are working.

People can develop their smile type by training. There are lots of actor and actresses that are smiling on lots of different styles.

A good smile moves muscles on eyes, mouth, nose and forehead. More muscle usage on a smile gives your message to others more effectively. It’s also important to recover from illnesses. Researches showed that a good smile is effective on illnesses’ recover. It’s also proposing by doctors for patients like cancer and other big diseases at the world.

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