How many popular flea markets are there in the USA?

Americans like flea markets, antiques and other cheap but precious products. It’s one of the oldest traditions in USA to go to flea market in one Wednesday of each month. Some of the flea markets today in USA are labeled as dangerous by foreigner travel sites but it’s possible to say that so many people mean so much danger. Also some new U.S rules about flea markets in country changed the style of them and made them more comfortable to buy something in safety. After long controversies, most of the flea markets are moved to closed bazaars from open market style now. How many popular flea markets are there in the USA?

Brimfield Antique Flea Market Show in Massachusetts is one of the biggest and most popular flea markets in the USA. It’s started as New England outdoor flea market in 1959. Every year over 1 million people are coming to this flea market for buying unique collection units and precious antiques. Especially flea market is popular with its Nantucket basket and European antiques sellers. After 1980s, Brimfield’s main street became the center of flea market and many shops like “Dealer’s Choice”, “Heart-O-Mart and “J&J Auction Acres” opened here. It’s now possible to find from cherry wood lockboxes of colonial times to wealth era’s big furniture in the market. Market is opened for three months as September, July and May as 6 days in week.

Rose Bowl Flea Market started in UCLA Bruins football stadium and still held there. Every month, over 20.000 people from close cities come to Rose Bowl Flea Market. It’s one of the biggest flea markets in the country but it’s always full of people and hard to buy something easily. Main atmosphere in the stadium is bargain buys. It’s known that ATMs close to stadium are taking high charge fees so it’s very important to come market with cash.
The Maxwell Street Market is one of the oldest flea markets in the United States. According to records, it’s serving for over 130 years.
There are today over 500 vendors in the flea market and area is including a concert hall for blues and jazz artists. It was a Jewish market in 19th century and it’s still possible to see the same setting in market with sellers from different nations and its products. It’s a big problem that flea market’s main place is changed for many times and it moved to Desplaines Street at 2008.
According to lists, 127 Corridor is the biggest flea market in the world when it’s compared with other outdoor yard sale area. It’s in the West Unity, Ohio. There are over 2,000 vendors in the market and most of the shops are souvenirs. It’s open for 3 day weekend in August. It has a bad fame between flea market lovers because of its professional sellers and high prices but many people camp in the area before flea market open and stays there for one week. It’s open for the first week of August.
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Springfield Antique Flea Market in Springfield, Ohio is popular for antique furniture sellers. Also there are many folk art sellers. It’s open for one week on each month and now open dates are announcing by websites. Also there’s an extravaganza week of flea market which hosts over 2500 vendors from country.</strong><br />
The All-Night Flea Market is one of the elite flea markets of country. It’s not too crowded so possible to shop with a cup of coffee. Especially night shopping on The All-Night Flea Market is very popular and shopping in the maze of streets is an unforgettable experience.<br />
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