How Many People Get Divorce in One Year ?

How Many People Get Divorce in One Year ?

Relationships are unique to each person. Understanding People’s feeling and thought is the hardest thing ever. We can’t read minds! But if people try to understand what they want from ourselves and from their partner, maybe more people can create good communication between them. Many people can have problems in their marriage. Before thinking about getting divorce everyone should know what is marriage. What is the meaning of marriage and divorce for you?

Most Common Reasons Couples Get Divorced

First and biggest problems can be born in marriages because of money. If husband and wife have different values and thoughts about money, they can’t look from the same perspective. If they know what they think about it they can understand each other. But if people try to dominate to another person in their relationship it breaks something really deep. People should avoid showing power demonstration with money. Also if couples have lover incoming, it disrupts the psychological health of them.

Another reason for getting the divorce is having an affair. If couples have different types of attachment it affects their viewpoint on relationships or marriages. If one person is cheating it breaks down trust and lead to difficulties in establishing honesty. There is no return to pure, safe relationship after having an affair. The other problem in a relationship is about sexuality. If they have differences in sexual libido or having trouble in their sexual life, people can’t feel satisfaction and its cause to bigger problems.

If couples have interfering parents, they can have trouble to balance their relationships with their own family. If one partner spends too much time with his/her parent or if they allow their parents interfere in relationship decisions it shakes the foundation of relationship and the communication between the couple.

Divorce Facts

Average age – 30

Years before remarrying – 3


Divorces per hour – 100

41% First marriages end in divorce

60% Second marriages end in divorce

73% Third marriages end in divorce

34% married couples get the divorce before their 20th anniversary, but 87% of couples report they have a good relationship.

2.400 divorce per day. 876.000 divorce per year. (For America)

Under 20 years old of women 27.6% and 11.7% men getting the divorce.

20 to 24 years old of women36.6% and 38.8% men getting the divorce.


What Can People Do Save Marriage

First and the most important way to save a relationship is starting with listening to partner. Open and honest conversations between the couple are crucial for a good marriage. Listening patiently to each other helps to understand what is the problem and it can create more ideas to solve conflicts between them. If one partner is verbally abusive, the other partner can feel worthless, hopeless, alone and dejected. Another way can be staying positive. If a person feels relaxed he or she can look more positive to problems. They Will not be trapped between conflicts in this way. Third advice to save relationships may be giving support to each other more. If couples show them care and give their time they can feel more relaxed. They can feel the love with this way.

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