How many disasters killed over 100.000 people in history?

Disasters are a piece of the world. Lots of countries lived the problems of disasters and millions of people died totally. Earthquakes, storms and diseases are most deadly events in the world. There are thousands of disasters but some disasters are major with killing over 100.000 people at once. How many disasters killed over 100.000 people in history?

It’s hard to specify the exact number but historians say it’s over 10 disasters that killed people over 100.000. One of the biggest disasters in history is Aleppo, Syria earthquake in 1138. What Ibn al-Qalanisi wrote about earthquake is the disaster started on 10 October and there were lots of aftershocks. There are also some writings about this earthquake that big holes on earth swallowed thousands of people but now historians don’t accept this information.

Then in 1201 again an earthquake hit Syria and Egypt. It’s believed that 1201 Syria earthquake is the deadliest one with 1.1 million deaths.

1228 and 1287 floods in Netherlands are two of the biggest flood disasters in world history. Collapsed seawalls created big floods and 150.000 people died at all.

Plague called Black Death in Europe 1347-1350 and killed 25 million people on three years. Most of people died in Europe but it also affected Africa and Asia.

Shansi, China 1556 earthquake killed 830.000. 1737 typhoon killed 300.000 in Calcutta. Smallpox killed 130,000 in North America 1775-82. Last deadliest disaster was in Haiti. Earthquake in 2010 killed 220,000.

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