How many differences are there between The Democrats and The Republicans?

The Democratic Party and The Republican Party are two major political parties in the United States. Democratic Party is the holding the office till 2008. They are mainly liberalists. The Republican Party is older than The Democratic Party and set in 1854. Party is founded by anti-slavery activists. They are based upon American conservatism. In every election, The Democrats and The Republicans took very close vote numbers. Today there are also some other parties like The Greens which are growing continuously but no one expects a election won from them now. How many differences are there between The Democrats and The Republicans?

There are many differences between Democrats and Republicans. One of the most known differences is in economics. Democrats believe that way of perfect economics is minimum wages. Also they believe in progressive taxation. “Higher income brackets” proverb is the symbol of Democrats’ economics policy. They believe that government must touch and regulate the market. Republicans believe that touching the tax or wages are not true. Wages must be set and controlled by free market. Also taxes shouldn’t be increased by government.
Other important difference is in military payments. Democrats believe that military payments must be decreased and some democrats believe that military payments are the biggest problem in the country. Republicans believe that U.S Army is the honor of country and military payments must be increased completely.

Gay marriage is a controversial topic for Republicans and Democrats. General idea of Democrats is allowing gay marriages. But there are many groups in Democrats that disagrees the general idea of their group. Republicans oppose the gay marriages. But like some Democrats, some Republicans believe that gay marriages must be allowed but they must be under control.
Democrats support death penalty but there’s a big group in Democrats totally disagree this idea and sometimes they made some reviews against the general idea of their party. After 1960s, Democrats oppose the death penalty became a fraction on party and many authorities believe that they are very strong. Also Republicans support death penalty. There’s a known group in the Republicans that oppose the death penalty but they are not a big group or fractions like one in the Democrats.
Democrats’ ideas of social topics are based on social and community responsibility. They believe that community can be educated and behave as a big group. For Republicans, individual rights are the most important part of social life and also justice is very important.
Ideas about environment are also different between Democrats and Republicans. Democrats believe that safeguarding the environment is vital. Government must increase regulations and stop energy exploration. They have big projects on clean fossil fuel development. Republicans also believe that safeguarding the environment is vital. But US must be energy independent and environment should be used for this effectively.
Democrats believe that negotiations are the best approach against Iran Islamic Republic and it’s the best way to avoid Iran’s developing nuclear weapons. Republicans believe that Iran is the most important title in the U.S national security. There’s nothing more important than it and Iran must stop their all nuclear development effort.
Also immigration is an important discussion between Democrats and Republicans. Democrats believe that U.S government must allow undocumented children and spouses of illegal immigrants to stay in U.S while their file is processing. The border for this allowance is threating the community. Republicans believe that illegal immigrants must be discouraged. Skilled workers must need more visas; U.S.-Mexico border must be strengthened. They believe that government must cut “the red tape” for the immigrants.

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