How many calories an apple contains?

Apples are one of the most famous and wide fruits in the world. They are easy to grow and eat. They are an important piece of diets.

An apple has lots of different vitamins, minerals and more. It’s possible to find vitamins like C and A in an apple. Also zinc, calcium and iron are available.

As apple is an important piece of diets, it’s very important to know about calorie list of apples. So it’s easier to choose the right apple type for you.

A raw apple with skin is most frequently used apple type. A standard raw apple contains calories between 55 and 60. Also potassium is high in this type of apple.

Some people remove the skin of apple because of a wide fallacy. But the skin of an apple is only 5 calories and an apple without skin is between 50-55 calories.

Apple is also a wide usage area in desserts, meals and more. People like McDonald’s Baked Hot Apple Pie so much but this pie has over 250 calories.

Also Starbucks’ “Apple Muffin” has lots of fans. As seen on the nutrition facts of Starbucks menu, “Apple Muffin” of Starbucks has over 350 calories.

Burger King has also apple pie like McDonald’s. Burger one has some more calories than McDonalds’ as 320 calories per pie.

One of the high calories apple pies are Dunkin’ Donuts “Apple Crumb”. It has 490 calories at one piece and 136 minutes of walking is need for burning it.

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