How many things Thomas Edison invented?

Thomas Edison is one of the biggest inventors in world history. The things he invented are the main stone of modern world now. Main inventory category of Edison is mass communication and also she invented for electric category. He always loved the teamwork and it’s accepting that first serious modern research laboratory is invented by him. He’s now one of the most patent owned men in the history. How many things Thomas Edison invented?

Thomas Edison is holding now 1,093 patents in various countries. One of his famous invent is phonograph. He invented phonograph or record player as other name while he was on the work of inventing telegraph. After he invented the record feature, he recorded a message “Mary had a little lamb.”

His other famous development is light bulb. He didn’t invite it but developed this old idea with a great new idea. Current electricity and a small carbonized filament’s combination created the light bulb.

He is also famous for “War of Currents” in the history. Event’s main conflict is sending electricity to far places more securely. Edison was promoting Direct current and George Westinghouse was promoting Alternative current. Edison made some advertisement that “DC is too dangerous for living creatures”. But AC was only usable in a small area close to electricity distribution area. At last DC won the war because it was cheaper and easy to send electricity to far away areas.

He also invited Fluoroscopy, Kinetoscope and more in a short life period.

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