How Many Different Women Politics Leaders in Power Currently?

What do you think about the politics and the women? Can you make any relation between the women and the politics. Do you know the name of any women who are the leather of a country. Today we are going to make a short analysis about the politics, women and their rights at this point. When we look at the history, it is possible to see for us, lots of the different people who are good at politics are the men it is maybe because of the structural features of the men. They are inclined to the some fields more than the women and at this point the field of the politics is one of the most important fields that the men are much more successful. When we look at the different rights of the women in different countries, it is possible to see that the rights of the women have emerged in last century because of the significant effects of the democracy. At first period, the regulations are done for the rights of the education for the women, because all we know that the education is one of the most significant things for the people in their lives in order to develop themselves and on the other hand in order to get to know lots of different things about the science or other information in the different fields.


When we look at the history of some important countries’ at this point, more specifically and more concretely, we can see some information about it. For example; first high schools for the girls were opened in Prussia1872, inFrance 1880 and then the first girl’s high school in Ottoman Empire were opened in 1880. In the history, these countries give too much importance for the education of the people especially women. When we look at the other examples of the education of some specific universities, we can see these information. The university of Vienna accepted its first girl student in 1897, Sorborne accepted them 1899, the universities of Germany accepted them between the years of 1895 and 1905, inIstanbul in Ottoman university, the first co-education was realized between the years of 1914-1921. When we look at the results of the education of the people, it is easy to see that there are lots of different concrete results, if a woman complete her education she can do whatever she want in his work life and politic life. Today we are going to make a short analysis about the women in politics currently in power.


The Number of the Women in Politics in Power in a Current Situation


When we look at the figures of the women that currently has power in the field of the politics in the world, we can see that there are 19 different women who are very successful and when we look at the top of the list we can see the name of Chancellor Angela Merkel who is the prime minister of the Germany and there are other 18 women who is very successful in politics from the different countries.


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