How many different usage of calcium in human body?

Calcium is one of the most important elements for cells and bones. Nuts like almonds and pistachio have high calcium. Calcium has important works on heart’s conduction and muscle concentration. How many different usage of calcium in human body?

Human body is using calcium on 179 different areas. Bones and teeth are the main places for calcium and %99 of all calcium stores on teeth and bones. Bone’s main parts are protein and calcium. The strength of the bones is mostly from calcium.

Calcium is also very important for a healthy diet program. A 0-6 month children must take 200 mg calcium every day.  It’s 1000 for 4-8 year old, 1300 for 9-18 year old. Between 19–50 year old 1000 mg per day is enough. After 70 people again needs 1200 mg calcium per day.

Milk is the perfect calcium store. Also Milk is very important because human body can make full absorption of calcium in milk.

Calcium’s role in modern world is also important. Being nervous is one of the main problems of modern people especially in work. Balance of calcium means a balanced man but over or low calcium means more nervous people.

Coffee is the biggest enemy of calcium. It’s known as calcium washer on human body and doctors mostly advise to use coffee with some cream or milk.

It’s also possible to take calcium with calcium tablets. They are coming with vitamin D extra because Vitamin D is the main need to absorb the calcium.

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