How Many Twilight Movies Are there ?

In last years thanks to the rapid development of the technology people can do whatever they want almost in all fields. There are lots of possibilities for people in order to realize their dreams or the things that they decide before with the rapid globalization and rapid development of technology. As we said before almost all of the fields the development of the technology there are lots of huge innovations and possibilities. On this point, we can easily see that there are a huge greatness and development in the field of the movies in last years. 0000143290

Thanks to technology the movie makers can make real their ideas and they can present lots of gorgeous things to the people. With these beautiful technologies in last years we can see this developments consequences as a concrete thing. There are lots of quality movies are taken and people are selling these movies to the whole world and from the different regions of the world people can buy them easily and watch them. With the help of visual effects in these movies, they are getting more and more effective to the people and they also like them too much extend and as a result of this the movie industry is going to be widen day by day thanks to these improvements. In last years there are lots of movies that are very quality and it can be said that they are getting to be legend in this field. On this point Twilight is one of the most popular movies between those movies. In the whole world millions of people watch it and there are millions of people who are the fans of the movie. Now let’s look at a close view to the movie of Twilight.



The Movie of Twilight


Originally when we look at the story of the movie we can see that it is a novel that are written by Stephanie Meyer who is a writer from the country of the United States of America. There are four book of this series. When we look at the topic of the books we can see that there are some themes like love, fantasy, youth. Maybe because of these themes people like these series too much extend. The novel written in the year of 2005 and the movies is started to be captured in the year of 2008 and from the beginning of the capturing of the movies it starts to be a legend along the whole world. The director of the movie is Catherine Hardwicke and the protagonists of the movie are Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. When we look at the series of the movie we can see that there are four series of the movie and these are Twilight; New Moon; Eclipse; Breaking Dawn Part 1. Millions of people watch these series and they like them too much and they are waiting for the other series in curiosity. Most probably in the future new series will be added to these four movies.


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