How many ways are there to sell goods easily on Craigslist?

Craigslist is one of the biggest classified advertisements web areas in the world. It’s possible to find various advertisement types from jobs to services and more. Service firstly started on 1995 in San Francisco Bay Area. Expanding period of site started after 2000 and today it’s possible to use it over 50 countries. Today it’s one of the biggest web sites in the world with 20 billion page views per month. Also every month over 80 million advertisements are possible on site. Most active categories are job listings with 300,000 postings per day and over 2 million job lists per month. It’s very important to give the best advertisement if you want to sell your product easily and fast. How many ways are there to sell goods easily on Craigslist?

You may use Craigslist for selling professionally or only for amateur use. But there are some rules for selling. First of all, you must prepare your item before selling. No matter what you sell, show customers the truth. It’s very important because if your product photos are perfect, customers will automatically think that there’s something seller is hiding on product. Besides this, for example while selling an old couch; try to clean it as good as possible. Don’t forget that buyer will use or sell it like you. So be sure your item is ready for selling and you may buy this item if you see it on Craigslist.
Second step is looking for similar products on site. How they are making advertisement, what the price is and more. Don’t forget that writing words like “a good one, you can never find similar, never used” is very cliché and don’t attract customers. Also don’t try to shape customer’s mind on header with words like “you can use it on.., possible to use with…” and more. None of customers like such headers.

Try to give a competitive price but don’t work for lowest price. Because Craigslist customer surveys showed that lowest price is on the bottom side of “where you are looking before buying” lists. People have some inner fears and prejudices while buying from Craigslist like sites and you will trigger their fears with setting very low price.
It’s very important to give detailed information. But make an arrangement on the information importance list. Firstly write key features but also copy paste full features from product’s original web page. Customers don’t have to know the product’s features like you and if they are in conflict with a small and meaningless thing, they will easily give up buying your product.
Control your post for two times before sending and confirming it to Craigslist. Because customers are very sensitive on true information and any little change on your advertisement will be notified by all customers.
While selling, try to accept only cash because they are thousands of scammers on site. You can accept local people and meet them before selling because it’s better than earning anything.

Also don’t forget to write some misspelling versions of your product in info but make it with notifying customers. Some reports showed that people are searching “cauch” for couch, pleystation 3 for playstation 3 and more.
Being kind on messages is also important. Think like a customer and which criteria there are to believe you. But a kind messaging history will help customer to persuade. If you want to speak on phone, first of all find a silent place for speaking. First words are very important and don’t forget to listen what your customer say.

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